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PACE Awarded Grant from US Department of Education

Thursday - February 6, 2014

PACE Awarded Grant from US Department of Education


We are excited to announce that the  United Way of Greater Atlanta / PACE Initiative was awarded the Investing in Innovation (i3) grant from the US Department of Education.  The grant will help PACE reach more than 900 students in two hubs and eight child care centers and family child care providers in a specific targeted community within the metro Atlanta region. The PACE program will be offered to two cohorts across the four-year project spanning between January 2014-December 2017, with each cohort receiving two years of program services. Each cohort will consist of 250 PACE families (100 PreK, 150 K-3), with program recruitment focused on students ages three to six. Two equivalent comparison groups will also be recruited: one group of 250 students attending targeted early child care centers, family child care providers, and elementary schools with PACE trained teachers, but not directly participating in PACE services, and a second group of 250 students attending a control group consisting of child care centers, family child care providers, and elementary schools. 

PACE will take a novel approach to early childhood education by implementing a comprehensive program targeting family engagement and family-school partnerships simultaneously to test our theory that by equipping parents, families, and teachers with the knowledge and leadership skills to work together in support of child development and learning, we can improve high-need students’ educational and developmental outcomes from PreK to grade three. The overall focus of this innovative grant is to improve family and parent engagement by equipping parents, schools and students with the tools necessary to improve childrens' education, build family - school partnerships and increase school readiness and student achievement. 

Why Our Approach is Novel:

  1. Comprehensive program model from PreK to grade three, therefore removing the silo approach.
  2. Approach is based on research and experience in successful implementation of school readiness and family engagement strategies.
  3. Further study will provide the opportunity to generate new evidence regarding the individual and combined impact of parent engagement, family-school partnerships, and school readiness initiatives targeting at-risk students.
  4. Preliminary evaluation data from PACE provides evidence to support the efficacy and effectiveness of our model.


For any questions pertaining to the Investing in Innovation grant, please visit www.settingthepace.org/contact



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