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Friday - September 21, 2018

By: Ayaan Forstall

A unified early education system from birth to 8 is essential for pre-K transition into primary school. Partners Advancing Childhood Education (PACE) uses a parent engagement and school transition model to support the unified and aligned early childhood education system addressed in this study. Using home visitation, school transition and family leadership strategies, PACE aims to ensure children enter school ready to learn. 

The national survey of 537 K-3 teachers, conducted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children from August to October of 2017, found that many early childhood educators believe it is important for Pre-K and K-3 teachers to be unified and aligned to ensure a consistency in the overall development of each child. This recent study shows that barriers to an aligned system include methodological differences between public and private preschool programs and preschools separate from K-12 systems. For a number of years, the PACE initiative has been a front-runner of efforts to support this study. PACE has led to the creation of School Readiness Councils and KinderCamps to generate dialogue between childcare providers and elementary schools and to familiarize children and families with the transition to Kindergarten. 

United Way of Greater Atlanta received an Investigating in Innovation (i3) grant to conduct a four-year research study to test the impact of PACE in the 13 counties that United Way of Greater Atlanta serves. The study, ending in December of 2018, is testing the theory that with the proper tools and support, unified and aligned parents, families and teachers can improve the development and education of students in grades pre-K through third grade.


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