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What do children really need to be successful???

Tuesday - July 19, 2016

What do children really need to be successful???

Many times as early learning professionals and/or parents, we ask ourselves, what do children really need to be successful?  Am I doing enough to ensure a child will reach those benchmarks necessary for lifelong stability and success?  A recent New York Times article has stated that coaching parents and adults who interact with a child on a daily basis is necessary for children to thrive and be successful.  Positive influences early on in life can have a profound effect on the development of a child; making interventions such as home visits with parents a highly effective tool implemented by the PACE initiative. When parents get the support they need to create a warm, stable, nurturing environment, children’s stress levels are lowered, their emotional stability and psychological resilience improves which ultimately builds a solid foundation for lifelong success.  

To read the full article, click here: "To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents" by Paul Tough

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