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When parents and teachers team up, everyone wins!

Tuesday - November 13, 2018

Research has shown that the best predictor of student success is the extent to which families are involved in their child’s education. In fact, not only does the child benefit, but the entire class benefits from family engagement.

Experts define parent engagement as parents and teachers sharing the responsibility to help their children meet educational goals. They each make a commitment – parents commit to prioritizing their child’s educational goals and teachers commit to collaborating with parents in creating these goals.

Parent engagement is different from parent involvement. Parent involvement is limited to parent participation in events and leaves the responsibility to set educational goals in the hands of the teacher. Parent engagement requires a true partnership between teachers and parents.

There are some barriers that inhibit family engagement including, but not limited to families’ scheduling and transportation issues, lack of cultural awareness of teachers/staff, and failure to create a welcoming environment for families. Research also shows that some populations are more likely to face these barriers – families with low incomes, are minorities, have older children, who do not speak the primary language in the area, and who did not graduate high school. Teachers and schools should implement strategies to engage these populations because the benefits are clear.

Children with engaged parents are more likely to:

  • Earn higher grades or test scores
  • Graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education
  • Develop self-confidence and motivation in the classroom
  • Have better social skills and classroom behavior

They are also less likely to:

  • Have low self-esteem
  • Need redirection in the classroom
  • Develop behavioral issues

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