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PACE i3: Investing In Innovation

PACE i3: Investing In Innovation

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The PACE i3: Investing in Innovation project is designed to implement a continuum of parent and family engagement from PreK (ages three-five) to grade three to improve student outcomes and test our theory that by equipping parents, families, and teachers with the knowledge and leadership skills to work together in support of child development and learning, we can improve high-need students’ educational and developmental outcomes from Pre-K to grade three. The project objectives are to: 1) Improve parent and family engagement in child’s education, 2) build family-school partnerships, and 3) increase school readiness and academic achievement.

The PACE i3: Investing in Innovation project is a four-year program funded through the US Department of Education that focuses on families in the diverse community of Clarkston, Georgia. Project activities include: home visitation, parent group meetings, Referral Resource Network, Parent Leadership Institute with parent led community projects, ongoing professional development, School Transition Council, year-round transition activities, transition plans, Summer Transition Academy, and developmental and health screenings for students. PACE i3 has the benefit of joining national and state/local partners who have their own networks through which the project will be studied and findings disseminated.